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There are around 106,000 Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangladesh according to a market survey. Based on the estimate, there is a total funding requirements of BDT 200 Billion. A lot of banks are financing for their working capital, fixed asset purchase and other business purposes through complicated or less friendly credit analysis methods by taking land or building as primary collateral. City Bank, as specified in its Small and Medium Enterprise financing policy, would like to offer simply structured, process based, yet risk mitigating banking product to the SMEs. CBL “MUNAFA” has been designed based on the above objectives to achieve.

"MUNAFA" is a terminating loan facility (EMI based) for working capital, fixed asset purchase, or any other business purpose. Bank would finance against net cash flow of the socio economic entity derived from cash flow of any creditworthy business and secure the lending against lien of CBL fixed deposit amounting 50% of loan volume. The product will allow the bank to capture the existing market opportunity.
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