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High Value Savings Account - Earn easy on your savings account, earn profit every month!
City Onayash is a unique kind of savings account which calculates interest on your daily balance and pays interest to you every month. It is a major departure from the conventional savings account available in the market. All such accounts calculate interest on the average or lowest balance of the month, while City Onayash does on daily product basis. Not only that, while those conventional savings accounts pays interest only twice a year - in December and June - City Onayash pays it to you every month. Happiness at each month end!
Age: At least 18 years.
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Interest Rate:
Cheque-book facility.
Interest on daily balance.
Every month's interest earning goes into your account automatically.
Opportunity to apply for - safe deposit locker facility.
Debit Card for easy cash withdrawal.
City Maxx Card for easy shopping.
Cash back facility on spending amount through City Maxx Card.
Collect foreign remittance in both T.C. & Taka draft.
Utility payment service
Transfer of fund on Standing Instruction Arrangement.
Collection of cheques through Clearing House.
Online banking service.
I-Banking, SMS Banking & Phone Banking Facility.
*For details, please contact nearest City Bank Branch or Call: 16234.
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