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With over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, the global Islamic funds market is currently valued at USD 750 billion and is expected to grow exponentially every year.
Innovative Shariah compliant banking solutions:
At City Bank our dedicated Islamic Banking team combines Shariah expertise with strong business acumen to offer customers the best of both worlds - comprehensive international banking services and a wide range of Shariah compliant financial products based on Islamic values.
At City Bank, we've blended Shariah principles with our rich banking heritage of more than 150 years to provide banking services that support your business while respecting your beliefs.
Our diverse range of Islamic Banking products are designed to give you greater flexibility while conducting business through Shariah-compliant process.
Our Products
Bai Muajjal:
For financing procurement of raw material where goods are kept under customer’s custody.
Bai Murabaha:
For financing procurement of raw material where goods are kept under bank’s custody
Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Melk:
For financing procurement of capital machinery
Bai Salam:
For financing pre-shipment expenses by purchasing exportable goods in advance
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