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Manarah Current Account is designed for those individual customers who want to operate their financial activities as per Islamic Shariah and such account is operated under the principle of Al-Wadiah. It is a contract where depository promises to pay back on demand the whole amount of the deposits or any part thereof outstanding in the account of the depositors.
This account is suitable for any Bangladeshi citizen above the age of 18 years
Opening balance required BDT 10,000/- only
No profit will be applicable
Debit card facility
What are the document require to open the account
Individual Information in the prescribed form
Any photo ID (NID/Driving License/Passport /Chairman certificate & Birth registration certificate) of the Applicant
Proof of Income (Employee ID/Trade License/Association Certificate/Rental deed or Ass applicable)
Proof of residence (Utility bill/rental agreement) as appropriate
2 copies of passport size photograph of the applicant attested by the introducer
1 copy passport size photograph of the nominee attested by the applicant
Any photo ID (NID/Driving License/Passport/Chairman certificate & Birth registration certificate) of the Nominee
Nominee Details
* For details, please contact nearest City Manarah Branches.
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