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Manarah Hajj Deposit Scheme is recurring monthly savings scheme and is operated under the principle of Mudaraba. It is an Islamic financial partnership contract where one party provides capital and the other party provides labor. Income generated from the venture is distributed between the parties with a predetermined profit sharing ratio. The Manarah Hajj Deposit Scheme is designed in such a way that individuals who desire to perform the holy Hajj after a certain period can save and get an attractive lump sum amount at the end of deposit period which is nearer to the expenditure to perform the holy Hajj of that year.
This account is suitable for any Bangladeshi citizen above the age of 18 years
This account can be operated from 1 year to 20 years period
Profit (on the deposited amount) is calculated and accrued at the end of each month based on profit sharing ratio
Profit amount varies every month
In case of premature closure, profit will be given for the completed years and month
* For details, please contact nearest City Manarah Branches.
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