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Where can I find information about job opening?
For any job vacancy at CBL please log on to our Career Page of “The City Bank Limited” official website at the following link: and click on the tab “Opportunities for you”. You will find all relevant information there. Click on the “CURRENT VACANCIES” button in this page to view the list of the available job opening in CBL.

How can I apply for job opening at CBL?
Please click on the tab “How to apply” for details. Inside this tab, there is a button “APPLY NOW”. This will open up a new window where you will be able to register with CBL career site. In this new window, in the bottom part under “Register” option, there is a button “Create Your Profile”. Click on this button and the window will open for you to Create Account.

Who are eligible for job opening at CBL?
For detail please click on the tab “Opportunities for you”.

How can I upload a CV prepared in word?
Once you log into CBL career site and start creating your profile, in the second page of the “create your profile” option, there is an option to upload your CV prepared in .doc (Microsoft word 2003) or .pdf (acrobat reader) format. Please prepare the CV in .doc or .pdf format only. Click on the Upload button to upload the CV from your local PC/laptop.

You can review your uploaded CV by clicking on the link bellow the upload CV option. At any time you can replace this CV by uploading a newer version of the CV. The same way you can upload your current pay slip and your profile picture in your profile.

How can I retrieve my password?
When you will register with CBL career site for the first time, CBL career site will send you email with the password that you typed in during registration. If you forget your password, then you can go to “How to Apply” Tab and click on “APPLY NOW” button. This will open a new window called City Bank eRecruitment. In this window in the sign in area, there is a link called “forget your password” when you click on this, the window will ask you to type in the email address that you used to register with the site for the first time. Type in your email id and click on the button there “Send Me Password”. The system will send you a system generated new password though the email. You log in to CBL career site again and change the password immediately as you want.

How can I edit my CV?
Log into the Career site of CBL where you have the option to update your profile any time you want. In the second page of the Profile page, you have the option to upload CV. When you will upload a newer version CV in .pdf or .doc format, the already uploaded file will be replaced by the newly updated file.

You can also update your profile anytime by selecting Update profile option.

How can I see the status of my application in a recruitment process?
You can check the status by logging into the career site, select “Opportunities for you” tab and click on the “CURRENT VACANCIES” button. Log onto the CBL eRecruitment module and click on the tab “Jobs Applied for”. This page will show you the list of positions that you have applied for so far and their status. If you are primarily selected for a position that you applied through this career site, you will receive email from CBL recruitment team regarding written test, interview schedule. If you are not selected for the next step or final selection process, then you will receive regret email from the CBL recruitment team. CBL recruitment team will also call you at your provided mobile/TNT number if you are selected for any interview or written test. Email will also be sent to you regarding the written test and interview schedule.

Who should I contact in CBL for any recruitment related query?
Please contact at the email address: for any query related to recruitment at CBL.

Will I be contacted when I apply for a specific position/upload my CV?
At CBL we only communicate with short listed candidates for a specific position. So you will be contacted only if you are short listed for any position.

How can I know if I am not selected?
You will receive a system generated regret mail if you were rejected in any of the stage of selection process. However if your CV was not short listed you will not receive any mail from CBL.

How can I apply for internship at City Bank?
You can email you CV to for any internship request.

Are there any temporary work opportunities in CBL?
For detail please click on the tab “Opportunities for you” and click on “CURRENT VACANCIES” button to check the list of openings. Inside the detail of the opening, it will tell you the type of employment whether it is a temporary or regular permanent position.

Can I apply more than one time for a specific position?
We discourage application for the same position within a span of six months.

How many positions can I apply for at a time?
We discourage application for more than 2 positions at a time. So you may apply for 2 positions at one time.

Can I apply for a position in CBL from abroad?
Yes, you can apply through internet from anywhere in the world. Please log into and register with CBL career site first. Then apply for the posted jobs which are currently available.

Can I apply for a position in CBL even when there is no job opening?
You can only apply for a position in CBL career site when there is a job posted as opening/available in the CBL Career site. You can log into our career site any time, click on the tab “How To Apply” and click on the button “APPLY NOW”. This will lead you to a new window to register for the first time and also allow you to log in to CBL career site to update your profile. This new window will also allow you to see if there are any vacancies available that you can apply for during that period. The vacancies are automatically removed when the deadline to apply for the opening are expired.