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City Khamar is the loan product to assist the growers who are involved in fish and poultry production.Fish & poultry industry has become one of the advance industry in the past decade and many of our growers shifted their focus from crops to fish & poultry production because of scarcity of natural fish & meat to meet the high demand. City Khamar boost this industry in producing more fish & Poultry to meet our demand
City Jontropati is aimed to facilitate the farmers to produce different agro based machinery and equipment for their irrigarion and cultivation. Production of modern cultivation is heavily dependent on availability facility of equipment and machinery for irrigation and cultivation. This loan product will help the farmers to buy these equipment for cultivation process.
Agricultural is the main artery of the nation like Bangladesh. More that 80% of our citizen still depends on agriculture. Agro based products are no more restricted to just producing paddy. The scope of agriculture has been spread from crops to livestock, livestock to fisheries, fisheries to fruit cultivation etc. Till date rice is our staple food and we do have heavy dependency on potato, vegetable, fish, live stocks, fruits etc. In absence of adequate production of all these necessities, we need to live on imported crops and cost of living ultimately goes up and a huge stake of our population is simply lives very hard life because of crisis of the necessities. Private sector facilities are invited to take part in the development of this agro based industry to avoid the deadly sufferings of crisis and City Bank has come forward to accept the call and introduced City Shossho to facilitate rural agricultural development.
City Livestock is the loan product to assist the persons involve in farming livestock in different areas in the country. Livestock has a huge demand in our country for our food, milk and cultivation as well. The raw hide of the livestock is also highly demanded for the leather industry. As we canít meet our domestic demand of milk and meat from our local sources, we arehugely dependent in import for livestock products. City Livestock has been aimed to facilitate the people who are involved in livestock business in the country.
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