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City Visa Credit Card is designed to be a privileged card for anyone to enjoy benefits to make the best of their lifestyles. This is not just a credit card; it is the modern solution for financial situations that gives you prestige and respect for every transaction you make with this card.
If you are a City Visa Credit Cardholder, you can enjoy a diverse array of features that comes with Visa Credit Cards issued by The City Bank Limited. These features are listed below:
You can enjoy a complimentary buffet round the year whenever you dine with your companion at ‘Café Nemo’ restaurant of Platinum Suites.

*Gold Cardholders Only

You can avail exclusive discounts at wide range of restaurants, retail outlets and other merchants across Bangladesh. For details, please contact our customer service center at 16234 or visit

If you swipe your City Visa Credit Card for 18 transactions per annum or refer 3 of your dearest ones to subscribe to City Visa Credit Card, you can enjoy our Annual Fee Waiver feature.

If you are an existing City Bank Credit Cardmember or have your Credit Card issued against FD, you can enjoy 50% waiver on Annual Fee.

** Note: 3 New Visa Credit Cards have to be officially approved against a Single Cardholder’s reference in a calendar year.

You can enjoy Cash Withdrawal facility at 30% interest rate at more than 125 City Bank ATMs and any other ATMs that accept Visa Credit Cards.

We offer you Variable Interest Rates on your purchases in two categories:
  • Premium Rate: 25.99% for an outstanding amount of BDT 50,000 or equivalent amount in USD or above
  • Standard Rate: 30% for an outstanding amount of below BDT 50,000 or equivalent amount in USD
You can now benefit from our City Card EMI Plan feature to convert any of your retail purchase transaction into an instalment scheme. The EMI Plan offers the following features:
  • Interest Rate: 16.99% Interest per annum
  • Instalment Tenure: 6,12,18, 24, 30 or 36 Months
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Eligible for EMI: BDT 3,000
The Balance Transfer feature allows you to transfer your existing credit card’s balances to City Visa Credit Card and repay the outstanding amount on the previous card at a much lower rate.
  • Maximum Transferable Amount: 90% of the available limit of City Visa Credit Card
  • Interest Rate: 27%
If you are not content with your credit limit arrangement by the Bank, you will have the option to re-arrange your credit limit under the following options offered by City Visa Credit Card:
  • BDT to USD or vice versa
  • Other Credit Cards issued by City Bank to City Visa Credit Card or vice versa
After a specific period of time of having a good transaction profile with City Visa Credit Card, you can upgrade your product group to a higher product category and increase your credit limit accordingly.*

Enjoy special privileges at different hospitals and hotels abroad on your dual currency VISA Credit Card. Contact our Customer Service Center at 16234 for details.

For any information regarding City Bank VISA Credit Cards, our 24-hour Customer Service Center is available at 16234 (locally) and (+88) 02 9569553-4 (from overseas). We will do our best to serve you and allow you to enjoy the benefits of your City VISA Credit Card to the fullest.

You will be notified about your monthly outstanding balance every month so that you will never forget your outstanding amount and payment due date. This service comes completely free of cost for you.

You no longer have to stand in long queues to pay your monthly bills. You can pay your monthly due from your City Bank savings / current account through direct debit standing instruction. Contact your nearest City Bank Branch to open your City Bank account today.

Particulars Visa Gold (Local) Visa Gold (Dual) Visa Silver (Local) Visa Silver (Dual)
Annual Fee BDT 1,500 BDT 2,000 BDT 750 BDT 1,500
Supplementary Card Annual Fee1 BDT 750 BDT 1,000 BDT 375 BDT 750
Card Replacement Fee BDT 400 BDT 600 BDT 200 BDT 600
Pin Replacement Fee BDT 150 BDT 150 BDT 150 BDT 150
Late Payment Fee BDT 300 BDT 300 or USD 10 BDT 200 BDT 200 or USD 10
Cash Advance Fee (Local)2 BDT 100 or 2% BDT 100 or 2% BDT 100 or 2% BDT 100 or 2%
Cash Advance Fee (International) 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
Over Limit Charge BDT 500 BDT 500 or USD 15 BDT 200 BDT 200 or USD 15
Interest for Purchase (Standard Rate)3 30% 30% 30% 30%
Interest for Purchase (Premium Rate)4 25.99% 25.99% 25.99% 25.99%
Interest for Cash Advance 30% 30% 30% 30%
Interest (EMI) 16.99% 16.99% 16.99% 16.99%
Statement Retrieval Fee Per Statement BDT 50 BDT 50 BDT 50 BDT 50
Out of Town Cheque Collection Fee BDT 100 BDT 100 or USD 5 BDT 100 BDT 100 or USD 5
Check Return Fee BDT 100 BDT 100 or USD 5 BDT 100 BDT 100 or USD 5
Markup 3% 3% 3% 3%
Balance transfer fee 1% or BDT 1,000 Whichever is higher 1% or BDT 1,000 Whichever is higher 1% or BDT 500 1% or BDT 500 Whichever is higher
Balance transfer Interest 27% 27% 27% 27%
Certificate Fee BDT 100 BDT 100 BDT 100 BDT 100
Minimum Due for Monthly Repayment5 BDT 500 or 5% Whichever is higher BDT 500 or USD 50 or 5% whichever BDT 500 or 5% Whichever is higher BDT 500 or USD 30 or 5% whichever
Cash Advance Limit 50% of Credit Limit 50% of Credit Limit 50% of Credit Limit 50% of Credit Limit
* 15% VAT is applicable for all charges
  1. First Supplementary Card is free. This Charge is for second one and onwards.
  2. City Bank VISA Credit Card at local ATMs per transaction BDT 100 or 2% whichever is higher
  3. For outstanding amount of below BDT 50,000 or Equivalent amount in USD
  4. For outstanding amount of BDT 50,000 or Equivalent amount in USD or above
  5. On closing balance
Bangladeshi Nationals
Age range for primary card holder is 18 years to 60 years
Age range for supplementary card holder is 18 year to 60 years
Age bar can be relaxed for secured cards
Minimum Gross Monthly Income(GMI) for silver card Tk 15,000
Minimum Gross Monthly Income(GMI) for gold card Tk 30,000
Minimum 6 month permanent employment for salaried executives (this indicates total length of service as a total of all companies he or she has worked for), and 1 year of experience in business or practice for self employed professionals and business person
City Credit Cards:
VISA Local Classic
VISA Classic Dual
VISA Gold Local
VISA Gold Dual
For Local call: 16234 (if you wish to call at our Call Center for any query from any part of Bangladesh)
For Overseas call only: +88-02-9569553/4 (if you wish to call at our Call Center from abroad for any emergency)
For E-mail: (if you wish to e-mail us for any query from any part of the world)
* For details, please contact nearest City Bank Branch or Contact Us.
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