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If you believe in long-term investments and wish to earn higher interests on your savings, NOW is the time to invest your money in our Fixed Deposit.
Age: At least 18 years.
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Interest Rate:
Term Interest Rate Remarks
1(one) month 2.00
91 Days
   TK 3.00 crore to below Tk. 15.00 Crore 7.50
   Tk. 15.00 Crore to below 50 crore 8.25
   Tk. 50.00 Crore & Above 8.50
3 (Three) months
   Below Tk. 3.00 Crore 5.50
   Tk. 3.00 Crore & Above 5.50
182 Days
    Below Tk. 3.00 Crore 7.50
   Tk. 3.00 Crore to below Tk. 15.00 Crore 7.50
   Tk. 15.00 Crore & Above 9.00
6 (Six) months
   Below Tk. 3.00 Crore 5.50
   Tk. 3.00 Crore & Above 5.50
365 Days
   Below Tk. 3.00 Crore 8.00
   Tk. 3.00 Crore to below 20 crore 8.00
    Tk. 20.00 Crore & Above 9.00
1 (One) Year
   Below Tk. 3.00 Crore 6.00
    Tk. 3.00 Crore & Above 6.50
02 (Two)Years 6.00
03 (Three) Years 6.00
01 (One) year City Nokshi 4.00
Can open for 1M, 3M, 6M, 1 Year, 2 Years & 3 Years
Early encashment facility
Loan facility on deposited amount
*For details, please contact nearest City Bank Branch or Call: 16234.
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