City Bank WhatsApp Banking Services

With an aim to continuously provide smart & convenient digital solutions to our customers, City Bank now offers banking services through WhatsApp. Get access to a variety of information related to your City Bank account or credit card anywhere, anytime.


Get information related to the following with City Bank WhatsApp Banking as we keep on adding more!


  • Current/Savings Account Balance
  • Last 5 Transactions on Current/Savings Account
  • Debit Card Status
  • Credit Card Status
  • Credit Card Limit
  • Credit Card Minimum Payment
  • Credit Card Billed Outstanding
  • Last 5 Transactions on Credit Card

How to avail the services
  1. Add '+8801700-710144' to your mobile contacts or click here
  2. Open WhatsApp, search for the above contact number and type “Hi” from your registered phone number associated with your City Bank account & credit card
  3. Subscribe by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions (click here to view) that will appear in the chat window
  4. Enter the 4 digit OTP sent to your registered mobile number for authentication
  5. Enjoy City Bank WhatsApp Banking services on the go!
Current/Savings Account Holders Credit Cardmembers
Following active current/savings accounts are eligible for WhatsApp Banking:
  • Single Titled Account – Singly Operated
  • Joint Titled Account - Signature mode either
  • Current Account (in the name of institution) – Proprietorship / Singly operated
All City Bank issued Consumer & Corporate Credit Cardmembers
  • Up-to-date banking information without any cost
  • Convenience of receiving banking information round the clock from anywhere
  • Completely safe and secure to use
  • For existing City Bank customers, no branch visits or waiting in call center queues required for general queries related to accounts or credit cards.

Q1.How to Subscribe for WhatsApp Banking?
Ans:-  You can start the conversation by messaging us a simple "Hi". You will be authenticated through an One Time Password and by acknowledging Terms & Conditions, the subscription will be completed.  

Q2.Is WhatsApp Banking secure?  
Ans:- Yes, banking through WhatsApp is safe. All messages are secured with end to end encryption. There is no requirement of submitting any account or credit card related confidential information or PIN to avail the services through WhatsApp. You will be authenticated by 4 digit OTP to your registered contact number every time you start the conversation.

Q3.Are there any charges applicable for using WhatsApp Banking services?  
Ans:- There is no charge for availing banking services through WhatsApp.  

Q4.How to check account related services through WhatsApp Banking?
Ans:- All relevant accounts that are associated with the registered number will be offered on your WhatsApp screen and you will get the information you desire according to your choices.

Q5.How to check credit card related services through WhatsApp Banking?
Ans:-  Please choose the desired option from the service menu & enter your credit card’s last 4 digits to get required services.

Q6.Is WhatsApp Banking accessible for both Primary & Supplementary Cardmembers?
Ans:- Primary Cardmembers can check his/her card information along with supplementary if similar contact number is tagged with both cards. However, Supplementary Cardmember can access services through WhatsApp banking separately if different contact number has been tagged with his/her card.