On 5th July 2008, The City Bank Limited changed its brand name into, simply, City Bank. Bank's new logo along with a brand philosophy line or pay-off line were unveiled that day at a ceremony held at Radisson Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka, Hon'ble Advisor to the Ministry of Finance & Planning, Dr A B Mirza Azizul Islam did this honor to the bank by launching it. We give here a simple note on the philosophy that went behind the creation of this logo:
It's a simple logo. Its beauty is in its simplicity of arrangement which is also bold. Since it is simple, it connects with people easily.
The red and silver shape may mean a chess board. Chessboard stands for wisdom & vision. Since we are 25 years old, we are expert, wise & experienced. Chess is the game of the smart people who knows all the moves. Our game is to deal with your money matters and - as wise & experienced bankers, we are experts in that.
The red and silver shape may also mean something dynamic. It may mean the checkered flag of Formula One Racing. Then it signifies speed and agility & fast pace.
The red and silver shape may also mean a kite. It's a beautiful colorful kite, nose up, going to reach for the sky. In that case, it means the bank is soaring high into the skies of many possibilities in order to make customers' financial dreams come true
The red and silver shape may also mean it's a flying chessboard. It's a chess-board that has taken wings and is flying. In that case it indicates to what extent this bank can go to serve customers better
The logo has a dynamic shape. Such dynamism stands for modernity, the 21st century. That signifies, this is going to be a techno-savvy bank, a state-of-the-art tech-powered modern bank
The color 'red' stands for emotion, passion, strength, vitality, action, confidence & courage.
The color silver symbolizes riches, just as gold does. Silver is glamorous & distinguished. Silver is the traditional 25th anniversary color or Silver Jubilee color. Another thing is: "Pieces of silver" means money or coin. And our pay-off line is "Making Sense of Money".
Now the pay-off line "Making Sense of Money".
No money, no bank. We all know how important money can be for any of us. Money is a need all by itself. It is the most precious thing. Money is the port key to any destination. It is everything between a person and his / her dreams & hopes. So, the money which is almost synonymous to life, must make sense. And for your money to make sense, it must be handled by an expert. That is where we come in. We say, we make sense of your money. Because, at City, we are wise men of banking. With 25 years of experience, we know how to make your money more meaningful for you, how to lend you money in times of your needs or how to grow your money safely for you.